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Originally from Orlando, Florida, the pop band Before You Exit is now based in Los Angeles, California. The group consists of singer-songwriter brothers Connor, Riley, and Toby McDonough. Since the very beginning, the band has worked in their home studio writing and producing their own music. The name Before You Exit originated from their desire to make a difference with their fresh and life inspired original music and throughout their career, they have exemplified their efforts to do just that.


Since their conception, BYE has enjoyed worldwide recognition with several major milestones marking their evolution and success. From beginning in their garage at home to chart topping singles and worldwide touring, the group has come a long way. As a touring band, they've headlined numerous tours and also toured alongside artists such as The Vamps, Olly Murs, and Fifth Harmony. BYE has also made appearances alongside artists including Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and One Direction among others, and they also participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. In 2015, they signed to RCA records (Sony – RCA) and co-headlined a European – UK tour with Christina Grimmie, third place winner on season six of 'The Voice'.


A year later they released their innovative and dynamic EP “All the Lights". The recording’s release coincided with their now well-known US tour on which they were supported by their dear friend, artist Christina Grimmie who met her demise following a performance in Orlando, last June.  In the aftermath of the 2016 US tour, Connor, Riley, and Toby mourned the loss of their dear friend while devoting time to writing in the studio. Thereafter they released “Clouds" written in memory and honor of Christina. The song is structured with a heartfelt melody and deeply reaching lyrics and has been well received by all. It would be six more months until their next live performance.


The tragedy of 2016 proved to the three brothers that their most cherished asset continues to be the love and support they've known from their family, friends, and fans around the world. Miraculously, it was that same love and support along with the experiences the band went through that manifested itself into inspiration. With the goal of an album in mind, Connor, Riley, and Toby made the decision to move to Los Angeles to continue in their musical pursuit. After a few years of writing and even self-producing a majority of their album, the band announced that this goal had become a reality, with an LP to be released in three parts. On June 28th, Before You Exit released their debut album titled ‘love, pain, & retrospect’, a fitting name given the band’s recent history. 


A quote from the song ‘Solar Eclipse’ off ‘love, pain, & retrospect’ speaks volumes of the overall message of the album:


“…But remember, within the darkest of days, the biggest dreams are formed and come to light, a light otherwise never discovered were it not for the dark. A new love exists because of the pain. And in retrospect, we can clearly see the rainbow through the rain.”

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